Join BCI on a little journey through time:

  • How it all started ... In 1978 Hans Hansel, the young curative practitioner and organic shopkeeper, takes the initiative and creates with friends their own "healthy" natural cosmetics products that didn’t include any serious synthetic substances. In this way, they were already different and innovative at that times. 38 years later it has become one of the leading manufacturers in the natural cosmetics market - the LOGOCOS Natural Cosmetics AG, and its 100% owned subsidiary, the BCI Organic Cosmetics International GmbH.

  • In 1987, LOGOCOS Natural Cosmetics AG founds its own-brand subsidiary CEP Cosmetic development and production mbH, since the demand for trading its own brands and products is immense.

  • The first products of the CEP are the horse milk products and bioenergetics creams. In 1993, the decorative cosmetics industry will be added next to the successful preparative business. The CEP has its former seat together with the LOGOCOS Natural Cosmetics AG, to match the natural cosmetics in Salzhemmendorf, to Kräuterwiese.

  • In 2007, the company's own-brand business is booming and the strong self-brand subsidiary CEP is being sold to the Dalli Group, due to capacity bottlenecks in the manufacture and filling of cosmetics.

    Due the five-year cooperation agreement with Dalli, the LOGOCOS Natural Cosmetics AG concentrates on providing own brands to the organic retailers and health food market. Decorative cosmetics, and dental and baby care segments continue to be actively pursued and expanded.

    In order to process these remaining segments, the new proprietary subsidiary, BCI Bio Cosmetics International GmbH, will be founded in the same year. The history of the BCI begins with three employees and a small, fine and manageable product range.

  • 2012, five years later, the cooperation with the Dalli Group is finished and the consequent restriction is lifted. BCI now has the possibility to realize the projects and produce the goods in the area of cosmetic products. And the team ensures that supply meets customers need up to date.

    In addition to the conceptual implementation of individual products or complete assortments, BCI also offers full-service assistance (concept including design and packaging, formulation development and production).

  • There are sixteen employees working in the BCI today, in the state capital Hanover, and the company has almost 40 years of existence with LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG. There is a great opportunity for the company to say "thank you, nature", which miraculous forces made the success story of BCI and LOGOCOS possible.

    What happens in the next few decades? We want sustainable growth in harmony with nature and the environment. A quote from the LOGOCOS founder, Hans Hansel, to the beginners of the company perfectly fits our wish, then and now:

    "It was a mixture of enthusiasm, idealism, commitment and the desire to provide our children and grandchildren with a life-long future."

    Today, BCI develops decorative and preparative (natural) cosmetics for its customers. We take care to protect the world and its resources and to use the power of nature sustainably. In this way, we welcome anyone who accompanies the company, whether as a CUSTOMER, PARTNER, SUPPLIER, EMPLOYEE, or simply as a FRIEND.