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Raw materials

Natural cosmetics is not a protected term. In order to help the customers and other end users to distinguish natural cosmetics from genuine natural cosmetics, the products can also be certified with the following certifications.

NATRUE - NGO from Brussels

The international certification for natural and organic cosmetics NATRUE differentiates 3 categories and certified accordingly as natural cosmetics, as natural cosmetics with organic portion, or as organic cosmetics.

The NATRUE standard has a lot in common with the BDIH standard, but it sets specific quality accents. For example, a precisely defined minimum content of authentic natural products and a maximum content of near-natural raw materials.

The Siegel stands for: very high product quality, worldwide recognition, reliable standard, genuine natural cosmetics and independent controls.

More information on the NATRUE Siegel can be found on the NATRUE website, NATRUE Organization.

BDIH – NGO with German origin

The BDIH standard specifies which raw materials may be used and which are not. Essentially, certified natural and organic cosmetics may only contain natural and natural-based raw materials, preferably in organic quality.

All the provisions of the BDIH standard are anchored in an ethical basis, in which natural and organic cosmetics are not viewed in isolation from one another, but are embedded in a holistic concept of man and nature.

More information on the BDIH seal can be found on the BDIH website www.kontrollierte-naturkosmetik.de or www.ionc.info.


BDIH is one of the founding members of the European Cosmetics Standard Working Group, which have developed the private cosmetics standard COSMOS (Cosmetics Organic and Natural Standard).

In order to harmonize the certification requirements for organic and natural cosmetics, it was merged into AISBL (international non-profit organization based in Brussels).

COSMOS operates according to the following standards:

Promoting the use of organic ingredients, production and production processes that are environmentally friendly and safe for human health, incorporating and expanding the concept of "green chemistry"

More on the COSMOS Siegel can be found on the COSMOS Website.