R & D
Raw materials

We work according to different standards to ensure our quality in the manufacture and production of our products. It is particularly important for us to respect the environment and to deal with raw materials with care.


In recent years, customer expectations for quality and product safety in household and personal care products have increased. To meet customer expectations, IFS developed the IFS Household and Personal Care Product Standard (IFS HPC) with international stakeholders.

The IFS HPC is the standard for ensuring product safety, reducing costs and ensuring transparency across the entire production chain.

It applies to:

• Cosmetic products

• Household products and chemicals

• Household goods for daily use

• Personal hygiene products

More about the IFS HPC standard can be found on the IFS website.


We work according to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001 and the EMAS III standard. The EMAS III standard includes the environmental statement of LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG.

For over 38 years, our company policy has been based on the principle of reconciling economic goals with ecology. We are convinced that we can only succeed in the market if we consider not only our own standards of quality and ecological principles, but also those of the customers.


We are certified according to Cosmetics-GMP (DIN ISO 22716) and work strictly according to the Cosmetics Ordinance.

We are also certified according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). With both quality management systems, we meet the requirements of the IFS HPC standard.


The LOGOCOS Natural Cosmetics AG is a founding member of the Forum on Sustainable Palm Oil (FONAP), which exists since the beginning of 2014. The Forum is a consortium of companies, associations and non-governmental organizations to work together to develop viable solutions for the improvement of practices in the palm oil sector.